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We Are Racine (Mixtape)

Release Date : March 23rd 2016

Cover Art : Mike Gosa (Money Mike)

WAR is arguably one of the most monumental mixtapes that Dj Stop N Go ever released. WAR instantly became a classic in the city of Racine , Wisconsin. This mixtape features music from Racine artists and producers.

Spinrilla Link

Visionary (Album)

Release Date : August 9th 2020

Cover Art : Too Dougie Images

Visionary is Dj Stop N Go's debut album. This album features a monstrous amount of talent.

Distrokid Link

We Are Racine 2 (Mixtape)

Release Date : November 9th 2020

Cover Art : Too Dougie Images

WAR 2 is the follow up to the classic WAR mixtape. This time Dj Stop N Go added artists from different cities to blend with the talented Racine , Wisconsin artists.

Audiomack Link

Traffic Invasion Vol.8 (Mixtape)

Release Date : September 24th 2021

Cover Art : Too Dougie Images

The 8th installment of Dj Stop N Go's classic mixtape series. Features some of the hottest up and coming talent that's buzzing in the streets.


Visionary 2 (Album)

Release Date : August 9th 2022

Cover Art : Too Dougie Images

Executive Produced By : Maalik McGee

Dj Stop N Go is releasing his 2nd album. Two years after the release of his debut album Visionary.

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"Dj Stop N GO , DJ FOR THE STREETS !!!" - Marco Caine

Dj Stop N Go Biography

August 9th 1989 in the city of Racine , Wisconsin Martel Craft was born . As a kid he grew a love for music.

His music passion came from his father (Billy Craft) who would play a lot of old school R&B around him. On his Mother's (Jamie Bedford) side of the family he would sit by the stereo and listen to the radio (V100.7 FM) a lot.

While listening to the radio he would record his favorite songs on blank cassette tapes and listen to them on his cassette walkman .

Fast forwarding to high school (Horlick High School) he continued to grow his love for music. In 2004 his cousin Psde Gib introduced him to the world of recording himself on music.

Sunny , Rell and Tae from his neighborhood block Roosevelt Avenue , all linked up one day and recorded their first song together on Psde Gib laptop.

They recorded their first song on T.I. 's 24 Instrumental in his father's kitchen.

They really were just having fun but he took recording as an artist seriously now. Writing lyrics and recording more songs.

At this point he is now going by the rap name Fame B (Fame Brilliant). In high school already known for selling industry cds Fame B decides to give his demo to a high school friend Leroy Walker (Aka Mighty Smurf).

Mighty Smurf was already in a rap group on the northside of Racine named YMH (Young Money Hustlers).

Members of the group , YMH Tice , YMH Stunna and YMH Selfmade heard Fame B demo and decided to join him in the rap group .

YMH TY (ShoooterDown Jones) was also added in YMH around this time and they all instantly became family.

At this point this is when Fame B first recorded in a real studio environment on a microphone.

As time went on Fame B decided to pursue a different side of music.

After high school ended in 2008 he started paying more attention to Djs like Dj Drama and the way Djs were hosting mixtapes. As a hobby he began learning the ropes of mixing music and started buying Dj equipment. He also began learning how to produce beats which gave him his ear for beat matching.

Fame B is originally from Roosevelt Avenue which is on the westside of Racine but he also grew up on the northside of Racine as well.

On the northside Fame B grew a bond with artists by the name of Brooks and Streets. One day he decided to mix one of Brooks and Streets songs "Army Of 2"

"Army Of 2" is produced by legendary Racine producer D Roc.

Without letting Brooks and Streets know that he mixed the song. Fame B let them hear it.

Brooks and Streets' reaction to the song was good.

Brooks encouraged Fame B to keep going and influenced him to mix more songs.

Now the Dj venture begins.

Still known as Fame B. Brooks and his lady Ashley Wright help Fame B come up with a Dj name.

Brooks and Ashley are credited for coming up with the name Dj Stop N Go.

In 2009 Brooks was the first person to say the name "Dj Stop N Go" publicly on the record "Burn One" that was recorded at D Roc studio on the northside of Racine.

Now instead of being called Fame B. Dj Stop N Go is born.

Brooks and Dj Stop N Go put their first mixtape together  titled "Northside Takeova" that was the first mixtape hosted by Dj Stop N Go. "Northside Takeova" was released only in the streets on the northside of Racine.

"Northside Takeova" also featured Berto F , Zone , and Streets.

Around this time Dj Stop N Go was also linking with an artist and engineer on the Northside of Racine by the name Zane Yung.

Zane Yung was part of a popular rap group in Racine named "BiB Gang". "BiB Gang" member SD Da Badd Mann (Aka Psde Lipe) and Dj Stop N Go were already close through SD Da Badd Mann's brother Pj Lockridge (Aka Marathon P) so the mutual bond was solid.

SD Da Badd Mann & Dj Stop N Go decided to work on music together and started the mixtape series "Homicide". SD Da Badd Mann was already a buzzing artist in the city so this collaboration caught attention.

November 21 St 2009, SD Da Badd Mann released the mixtape "Homicide" on hosted by Dj Stop N Go.

Also in 2009 Brooks had another mixtape cooking up titled "Last of A Dying Breed" which was also hosted by Dj Stop N Go. "Last Of A Dying Breed" was officially released in 2010 on

Gucci Mane's former Dj , Supastar J Kwik also hosted "Last Of A Dying Breed'' which instantly gave Dj Stop N Go credibility as a Mixtape Dj.

The connection with Supastar J Kwik came from Dj Stop N Go reaching out to him through Myspace.

Now with Dj Stop N Go's buzz growing more on the northside of Racine. He decided to work his name more on the southside of Racine by linking back up with SD Da Badd Mann.

SD Da Badd Mann had a big music influence on the southside which helped Dj Stop N Go spread in the entire city.

  Around this time SD Da Badd Mann and Dj Stop N Go "Homicide" series created a heavy wave in the streets of Racine. "Homicide 2" caught even more attention but "Homicide 3" would get the attention of world famous Dj Rell.

"Homicide 3" got even more exposure from the notorious mixtape website

Things started elevating quickly. Leading up to the 2011 release of SD Da Badd Mann's "Homicide 4'' mixtape that was released March 24th on

Dj Stop N Go would also like to credit Dj Jerry out of Milwaukee , Wisconsin for linking him to Which was the most popular mixtape site at this time.

Dj Stop N Go added  Supastar J Kwik to host SD Da Badd Mann's "Homicide 4" along with adding Dj Rell.

SD Da Badd Mann's "Homicide 4" mixtape series instantly gave Dj Stop N Go star status in the streets of Racine.

Around this time in Racine artists were releasing music projects without Djs on them.

Dj Stop N Go opened up a lane in Racine by hosting artists mixtapes.

So you can imagine how big this was for Dj Stop N Go to get Celebrity Djs on Racine artists mixtapes.

From that point on Dj Stop N Go started showing himself more in public. All his mixtapes were hosted in studios so a lot of people knew the name but not the face at this time.

Dj Stop N Go learned early on how to interact with people from selling cd's hand to hand in high school. Now instead of just selling industry cd's. He started selling his mixtape cd's as well.

The hand to hand mixtape cd selling not only helped Dj Stop N Go get seen more. It also helped the artists he worked with get more exposure in the streets.

A lot of people in Racine would come across new music talent from Dj Stop N Go.

Dj Stop N Go was a go to person for exclusive mixes of the hottest artists.

Now with his name buzzing in the streets as well as his face. Dj Stop N Go started hosting teen events through a well known promoter in Racine named Gizzy of "Family First Entertainment".

Dj Stop N Go also hosted a "Major Stackz Easter Event" in 2012 for Major Stackz's Meech. This event brought out a huge crowd.

Now with his name spreading even more. Dj Stop N Go started working with artists , managers , and djs in different cities.

Dj Stop N Go made these out of town connections through networking the internet before even traveling to these cities.

Dj Stop N Go was building up a lot of business with a Memphis , Tennessee Manager by the name Gigg (Ceo of Loyal 100 Entertainment).

Gigg managed Memphis , Tennessee rap group PBZ (Aka Paper Boyz ).

 Gigg was also Dj Stop N Go's first connection to the Memphis, Tennessee music scene.

Dj Stop N Go hosted several mixtapes for the group PBZ and that helped spread Dj Stop N Go's name even more.

Late 2012 Dj Stop N Go worked with an artist from Montgomery , Alabama by the name Wan Deezy.

Wan Deezy "Mind Of Ambition" mixtape hosted by Dj Stop N Go was released on July 17th 2012.

Wan Deezy would be the first artist from Montgomery to introduce Dj Stop N Go to the streets of Alabama and this helped connect Alabama and Wisconsin through music.

The connection with Wan Deezy led Dj Stop N Go to work with one of the hottest artists in Montgomery , Alabama named Rubberband OG.

At this time Dj Stop N Go didn't travel to these cities to work with artists. Instead he would send music files back in fourth through email to artists.

December 25th 2012 Rubberband OG released his anticipated mixtape on titled "Gift To The Streets" Hosted by Dj Stop N Go which also had a push from Milwaukee , Wisconsin Dj , Dj Jerry.

"Gift To The Streets" also featured legendary Montgomery , Alabama artist Doe B.

"Gift To The Streets" instantly became a classic giving Dj Stop N Go a huge following in Alabama.

Starting off as a mixtape Dj .

Dj Stop N Go now wanted to learn the ropes of being a club Dj.

Dj Stop N Go would watch legendary Dj , Dj Fresh Fo Life spin music at Gerald's Night Club in Racine.

Gerald's Night Club was the hottest club in Racine at the time.

A Racine Promoter named Billy Smith of We Go Hard Entertainment is credited for helping make Gerald's NightClub the place to be and also embraced Dj Stop N Go.

Dj Fresh Fo Life crowd control impressed Dj Stop N Go a lot. He continued to learn more about the club scene but mainly focused on hosting mixtapes due to the high demand from artists .

In 2014 Dj Stop N Go continued his presence in the streets by hosting his first rap battle.

The rap battle was held at Marquette Park in Racine , Wisconsin. This battle was between a well known Racine emcee named Frosty and Dj Stop N Go's former rap group member YMH Stunna.

YMH Stunna was a member of Dj Stop N Go's high school rap group YMH.

At this time YMH Stunna was building his name as a battle rap Emcee.

The Frosty Vs YMH Stunna battle was epic. This battle went down as a classic with a great crowd turning out.

Early 2015 , Dj Stop N Go started linking with a Dj named Dj Action G.

Dj Action G interviewed Dj Stop N Go through his Radio show Bullyvision Radio so that is how they met.

Bullyvision Radio also was hosted by a Racine music pioneer Kev Green of Greenhouse Records.

Greenhouse Records paved the way for rap in Racine , Wisconsin.

Greenhouse Records , Dip Boyz , and Stomp Down Entertainment influenced Dj Stop N Go with music as a teenager.

Dj Action G  became a mentor for Dj Stop N Go. Getting him Dj Gigs in Kenosha , Wisconsin.

Around this time Dj Stop N Go realized that his impact in Racine, Wisconsin was huge and now it was time to explore the world.

February 13th 2015 Dj Stop N Go had a going away party at Tarbenders Bar in Kenosha , Wisconsin.

Dj Stop N Go moved to Tupelo , Mississippi after this party.

February 2015 Dj Stop N Go moved to Tupelo through his uncle (Devere Bedford).

Nobody knew who Dj Stop N Go was at this time in Tupelo.

Dj Stop N Go always kept an eye out for talent. Searching the internet one day he came across a Tupelo , Mississippi artist named YKOK.

Dj Stop N Go reached out to YKOK After a month of living in Tupelo , Mississippi and they then began to work.

March 2015 YKOK and Dj Stop N Go released YKOK's mixtape "Westside Story Re-Uploaded ''.

Dj Stop N Go had the website connection to at this time it was the hottest site out.

The streets of Mississippi embraced the mixtape giving Dj Stop N Go a buzz in Mississippi instantly.

Dj Stop N Go's Wisconsin mixing style caught major attention in Mississippi through the collaboration with YKOK.

This led to Dj Stop N Go getting mixtape award nominations. 

Dj Stop N Go was nominated for "Dj Of The Year" in Mississippi.

Dj Stop N Go was also nominated for "Mixtape Dj Of The Year" at the "SCM Awards" in Memphis , Tennessee.

Speaking of Memphis , Tennessee a female artist named Jucee Froot is on the rise.

Jucee Froot's manager at this time was Gigg.

Dj Stop N Go connection with Gigg presented the opportunity for him to work with Jucee Froot

December 7th 2015 , Jucee Froot released her debut mixtape "Diamond In The Rough" hosted by Dj Stop N Go and Rick Ross's Dj , MMG Dj Q of Hot 107.1 FM.

Jucee Froot debut mixtape also had a co - sign from OG Dj Bigga Rankin of "Think It's A Game Records".

"Diamond In The Rough" featured Zedzilla , Snootie Wild , Young Dolph , PBZ artist Loud Pak and more. With production from super producer Drumma Boy and Memphis Trackboy.

"Diamond In The Rough" presented more opportunities for Dj Stop N Go.

In 2016 Dj Stop N Go came in 2nd place in the top 100 Djs mixtape all star award competition.

The support from the midwest and down south stamped Dj Stop N Go as one of the best Djs in the music game.

Fast Forwarding to 2020 Dj Stop N Go has hosted over 500 mixtapes worldwide and traveled to many states working with artists.

Dj Stop N Go met celebrity artists such as Blac Youngsta and Rae Sremmurd.

Has shout outs from celebrities like Yo Gotti , Drumma Boy , Don Trip , Trouble and the list goes on.

August 9th 2020 Dj Stop N Go released his debut album "Visionary" that he is the executive producer of. 

"Visionary" was released on "Apple Music" as well as other sites through "Distrokid" distribution.

The way music is released changed over the years. Now being in the era of streaming but Dj Stop N Go always knew how to transition with the times.

"Visionary" features talented artists that Dj Stop Go stay connected with over the years including his cousin Psde Gib , who is the reason for him being involved in music.

Dj Stop N Go has recently visited his hometown Racine , Wisconsin.

Linking with an event promoter named LockDown and this connection was made through D Roc who stayed connected with Dj Stop N Go since the beginning.

LockDown booked Dj Stop N Go to judge an artist showcase at GRC Bar in Racine , Wisconsin along with V100.7 FM Intern Ben Hooks.

Dj Stop N Go loves visiting home where the music support first started.

Dj Stop N Go is a mentor for artists and shows them a lot of support.

Dj Stop N Go is a humble , down to earth , laid back person.

Dj Stop N Go appreciates everybody that supports him and is invested into him.

Dj Stop N Go's passion for music is strong and his goal is to use his knowledge of music to create opportunities for his family.

Dj Stop N Go doesn't have children and feels his dedication to music interferes with his personal life.

Dj Stop N Go has sacrificed relationships , time , invested money and took risks for his dream.

One of Dj Stop N Go's goals is for Racine to get the respect they deserve in the music industry.

Now in 2021 Dj Stop N Go is the Chief Executive Officer of his own brand Stop N Go Entertainment. Which is an artist management company.

Stop N Go Entertainment provides all the tools needed for an artist to elevate in the music industry.

Dj Stop N Go also plans to open a studio soon where artists around the world can link with him and work.

Be on the lookout for Dj Stop N Go's "SNG Merchandise".

The "SNG Merchandise" will be available for purchase online soon.

Dj Stop N Go also has a collaboration merchandise brand dropping 2021 with his brother Maalik Mcgee who is the owner of Luv Lyfestyle LLC.

By time you finish reading this Dj Stop N Go will already have something new in the works.

His advice to people is to pursue their dreams to the fullest and never give up.